Blue Lotus POS System is an easy to use software solution designed with the sole purpose of modernizing and streamlining your business processes maximizing their efficiency. We at HTN have over 25 years of experience in designing and building versatile software products for manufacturing, trading and retailing industries and it is through this wealth of expertise we give you our revolutionary new POS solution that is guaranteed to meet and deliver your every need.

Our vision at Blue Lotus is to deliver Point Of Sale systems that are custom tailored for your business because we know that one solution doesn’t fit all. So allow us to work with you hand in hand and make sure that you are getting the best possible solution there is, ensuring that you exceed your performance and service expectations each and every time.

Just let our systems do all the day to day heavy lifting while you get to focus on the big picture with complete freedom of mind!!

Why use Blue Lotus POS ?

Choosing the right POS solution for your business might be the one of the most important executive decisions you make. With the correct POS system in place your company is ensured to run efficiently with no hassle or headaches for you.

However before committing yourself to a new POS system you need to guarantee that you are getting the best possible benefits from it.

Ease of Use and Support:

Why go for a highly complicated system that takes forever to install and learn not to mention train your employees to use it. A new POS system is supposed to save you time and resources not spend it.</p> <p>Blue Lotus POS solutions are developed to be used by anyone with minimal learning and without hassle. From the initial setup to the final integration we will guide and support you every step of the process to ensure that your new POS solution is up and running before you know it.<br />

Complete Inventory Control

Managing your stores inventories is a huge concern and can become a huge hassle without the proper systems in place. You don’t want to wind up at the end of the day with a newly installed POS solution that has you tracking and stocking inventory changes by hand.</p> <p>Blue Lotus POS solutions give you fully automated control over your inventory helping you track them in real time regardless of how many locations you operate in. Our cloud based system will notify you instantly when stock levels are low and help you re-order from your suppliers all on the move and in a flash. We also make sure that our trusty Blue Lotus solutions will seamlessly integrate with any existing inventory / SKU systems that you have in place so that nothing is missed out.<br />

Cloud-Based and Scalable

Staying ahead and keeping up with modern technology trends and advancements is crucial for you and your business to survive and succeed. Today’s modern world is all about the ‘cloud’ – having your precious data saved and stored securely in an offsite location should be the only choice that all business owners go for.</p> <p>Blue Lotus POS solutions are completely cloud based offering you the latest in cutting edge technology at your disposal ensuring that you stay connected to your business no matter where you are.<br />


  • Express POS GUI
  • Local vesion POS GUI(With advanced car browsing system)
  • Percentage Discounts Item wise
  • Percentage Discounts Item Sub total
  • Multi Level of security for Logins /SuperVisior Logins
          i)   Till Check
         ii)  Trainning Mode
         iii)  Paid in
         iv)  Paid Out
         v)   Item Return
         vi)  Item Return Sup
         vii) Item Right Off
         viii) Pickup Options/cash clearing
         ix) Add Change
  • Offers Eg: Buy two get one free
  • Free items
  • Price over ride
  • Price check
  • Void item
  • Void transaction
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Enter PLU manually
  • Offline Mode
  • Open cash drawer without printing
         i)   Forgotten/Wrong Change
        ii)  Change Cash
        iii)  Other
  • Hold facility
  • Lock Facility
  • Two Prices for Same Item
  • Royalty Card (Coming soon…)
       and more…

Inventory Control

  • Multi level of security for users
  • Multi locations maintaining facility Dep,cat wise
  • Reorder Level
  • Purchase order Supplier wise /Dep Wise(should be able to email it)
  • Good received note
  • Transfer in Transfer Out
  • Managing returned items
  • GRN
       and more…

Other Back End funcions

  • Electronic Journal (Previous bills can be viewed)
  • Customers master file can be maintained for credit customers
  • Supplier master file can be maintained to update the Creditors Ledger
  • item wise Daily / Monthly Sales Report
  • Category wise Daily / Monthly Sales Report
  • Stock movement Report
  • Fast /Slow non moving report
  • Facility to view old documents
  • location wise inventory printing
  • sales graphs

Price Integrity

  • Updating Price List from Excel sheet
  • Different size of label
  • Labels with Pormotion
  • Ability to generate & print barcodes
  • Promotional Items (Period wise)
  • Price changes can be scheduled