HTN Information Systems is one of the leading construction, manufacturing, trading and distribution software providers in the market and have been designing top of the line IT solutions. Our years of expertise allow us to provide flexible software solutions for any type of industry and to cater for any type of need your organization will have. We pride on the fact that we are serious when it comes to taking your company’s mission as our vision and we have been constantly valued and praised for this by several of our prestigious clients for this sincere work ethic and style.

We started originally in Sri Lanka and now have offices in United Kingdom. Blue Lotus solutions are now used in over 100+ companies across 5 countries.

Our software products prove to serve you in several areas such as designing your BOQ requirements, rate analysis with quantity surveying, sub contract management, project costing, and bill of materials, production budget, product costing, inventory and procurement.

Blue Lotus systems integrate these various processes along with the main functional areas of your company namely accounting, human resources, sales & marketing, supply chain management etc. into one “Total Business Solution” and streamlines this information making it simple for you to do business without any limitations across the entire organization regardless of location.

Our goal at HTN Systems is to provide you that crucial edge in the business world by combining and standardizing processes, providing total visibility across your organization and help in simplifying compliance.</p>